Pambadampara Estate

Established in 1893 as the world’s first organized cardamom plantation, is a leading producer of washed Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee, small cardamom and black pepper, & leading single origin coffee exporters from India.

Situated close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala, God’s Own Country, the estate has been supplying its award-winning, specialty Arabica coffee to leading roasters of the world for decades now.

Winner of the Regional Fine Cup Award, instituted by Indian Coffee Board

Single Origin Coffee Exporters from India

Washed Arabica coffee from Pambadampara estate is a regular recipient of the Regional Fine Cup Award instituted by the Indian Coffee Board. The large canopy of protected jungle trees provides the ideal environment to nurture a unique, flavourful cup of coffee.

Natural shade, along with responsible plant nutrition, the right varietals of Arabica, careful picking, delicate washing and controlled drying make for a flavor that perfectly embodies the environment in which the coffee is grown. Pambadampara is a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm that practices sustainable cultivation, prizes eco-diversity and values tree conservation.

Pambadampara Estate: A Video Introduction