The Coffee

A greenish oval shaped coffee from Travancore region which has sparkling brightness with dark fruit, plum and fig hints. It also has cover of mild honey and wild flower accent. In the cup, it has brightness of red apple and Citrus fruit. It has Medium body. The fruit note in the cup has peach and Green apple that lingers. The mid-range notes have honey, Tea and wild flower sweetness.

H.R.Sushanth, / Licenced Q Grader

The care with which our coffee is cultivated, the perfect canopy of jungle trees that provide natural shade, the fertile land, the long monsoon and the right varietals make for an excellent cup of coffee that is full of unique notes that perfectly embody the environment in which the coffee is cultivated. Our commitment to providing roasters an excellent cup of coffee extends into every aspect of the process.

This begins at ensuring that only plants with good foliage are allowed to bear fruit in order to preserve quality and ends in the manner in which we carefully dry various lots of coffee to ensure that each day’s harvest is dried to perfection.

Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and a regular recipient of the Regional Fine Cup award instituted by the Indian Coffee Board.