The Estate

Spread over a large expanse of pristine land in the rolling hills of the Western Ghats of Kerala, God’s Own Country, Pambadampara Estate lies close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Fed by the annual monsoon that is responsible for recharging the natural springs, streams and groundwater reserves, the estate harbours various species of wildlife including deer, wild boar, snakes including the formidable King Cobra and over a hundred species of birds. Sheltered by the dense canopy of protected jungle trees, the wildlife exists in perfect harmony with our produce.

The Community

The estate is home to a vibrant community of people, many belonging to families that have stayed on the plantation for more than 4 generations, right around the time cultivation began here! Additionally, the tribal settlement that borders the estate sends its members in each day, adding a set of skills to our workforce that only they can bring. Being a part of the community here means free access to firewood, honey, herbs, mushrooms and other natural resources along with a sense of belonging that has withstood the test of time.

The numerous benefits provided in the estate including free housing, healthcare and potable water combined with the low cost of living enable families to send their children to better schools and futures.

However, our sense of responsibility doesn’t stop at providing various means of recreation and convenience including volleyball, a library, the annual temple festival and a crèche. At Pambadampara, we ensure that each and every worker feels that they are a part of something much bigger, a family that is responsible for working and nurturing the land around them. Everyone is educated about the importance of the work they do, their role in maintaining an already vulnerable environment and how they contribute to the community in ways small and large. This care also extends into other practices of ours such as ensuring that all by-products of coffee processing are responsibly disposed including as compost.